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Happy Independence Day United States !!!

Independence Day United States

4 July is marked as Independence Day United States , which represents an event of massive historical significance for the country. These are the origins America’s biggest holiday. …

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Social Media Day was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010, and often sees fans of the site going to real life meetups. Social media seems to be everywhere these days. Though the days of social media pioneer Myspace are now long gone,….

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Static websites Vs Dynamic websites

I still remember those times when the internet was just evolving and there were only few people who used to have a website, but now there are so many static and dynamic websites on the internet. It is hazy to point out if a site is static. Let’s discuss about static and dynamic websites.

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In the search of Perfect WordPress theme: what to look for ??

The WordPress theme market nowadays could undoubtedly be described as huge. There are tons of offers and new options appear every day. Rarely has a week gone by without any “WordPress theme reviews” in my news feed. But when it comes to the selection of a theme for a specific project, such diversity provides more pain than one might expect.

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