Static websites Vs Dynamic websites

Static websites Vs Dynamic websites

Static websites Vs Dynamic websites

I still remember those times when the internet was just evolving and there were only few people who used to have a website, but now there are so many static and dynamic websites on the internet. It is hazy to point out if a site is static. Let’s discuss about static and dynamic websites.

Static websites:

If the site looks basic and simply delivers information without any bells and whistles, it could be a static website. It feels like a printed brochure you can view through your computer screen. These websites are coded using basic HTML coding protocols. Static websites are such websites that can only really be updated by someone with knowledge and good hands in field of web development. Static websites are the cheapest to develop and host without any hard and fast features.

Vantage of having Static website:

  • Cheap to develop
  • Cheap to host
  • Quick to develop

Drawbacks of static website:

  • Requires web development expertise to update or make changes in the website
  • Less appealing site
  • Content can get stagnant
  • Fewer users interactive

Dynamic websites:

Dynamic websites are the most amazing kind of websites which provide all the flexibility to change the content of the website. These websites wins over static websites because of their interactive nature and ability to associate with the customers. No doubt, these websites are expensive to develop but they credit these expenses with their advantages. The good thing about dynamic website is that it offers the website owner the facility to update as well as add content on their respective sites. The most commonly used programming languages used to develop a website are ASP, PHP, CGI Perl, JSP and

Key Features of Dynamic Website

  • Content Management System
  • E-Commerce System
  • Internet extranet facilities
  • Document uploading facility

Advantages of dynamic website:

  • Provide more functionality.
  • Much easier to update.
  • New content Brings people back to site and helps in SEO.
  • Cost over time is less expensive.
  • Provide ability to build multiple landing pages, campaign pages etc.
  • Integrate social elements.
  • Complete control over content and calls to action


  • More expensive to develop
  • Hosting costs a little more

From the last decade many sites owned by small companies or businessmen are static, but people are realising the advantages of having a dynamic website. Choosing the right website platform, one that allows you to create dynamic content, is vital if you want to take control over your marketing, content and messaging. Dynamic websites can make the most of your site and either use it as a tool or create a professional, interesting experience for your visitors.

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