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At SVS IT Solutions, We Provide HTML and CSS production services to clients who have created their own designs and choose to outsource the production of HTML and CSS. We care about Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Shopping feeds and sponsored advertising. Clean and simple stock management helps you and your clients to keep tab of what is in store dynamically. Our technical support is available 24/7 ready to help our clients for their projects and to understand their needs and requirements.

We’ve designed a series of HTML/ CSS templates that can be used as a starting point for designing a website. The templates are all CSS-based layouts which separate presentation from content. This approach has several advantages:

  • Encourages descriptive mark-up (the HTML code can concentrate on describing the nature of the content, leaving presentational considerations to the CSS) .
  • Ensures greater flexibility (pages will still be usable if Stylesheets are disabled).
  • Allows the design and aesthetic of a site to be centrally controlled (enabling you to change the look and feel of a large site by editing only a few files).

The templates are also designed to allow a content-first page structure. This means that in the HTML of each page, the main content comes before secondary elements such as navigation. This has several advantages:

  • Makes the content more accessible;
  • Optimised the site for search engine ranking;
  • Gives a logical structure to your pages.

We offer CSS/XHTML service for creative web design. We assist you in getting the best design in CSS and XHTML format for tailored web design solutions. We help your website to be best and can convert your traditional HTML website to CSS/XHTML based website.

We are also are capable of conducting attractive and challenging homework that accomplishes your exact needs and desires, we change your designs to, subjective cross-browser well-suited valid HTML/ CSS mark-ups.

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